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An exciting way to Build Your Practice Revenues
-- legally under ObamaCare --
easily and quickly, with guidance from
master Chiropractors who have already done it!

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"Profitable Chiropractic Specialties seminars are designed to teach DCs how to profitably adjust to the rules and regulations of ObamaCare by adding chiropractic specialties their patients want and need.
"Each Chiropractic Specialty presented has been chosen based on its professional performance, patient satisfaction, and practice profitability."
"Each Chiropractic Specialty class is presented by an expert in that specific field.  DrFernandez.com is proud to bring our seminar attendees the very best DC specialty consultants in the country today."
"You have my personal guarantee that incorporating Chiropractic Specialties in your practice is the best route to financial success under ObamaCare!"



As you know, ObamaCare produces many stringent problems for our profession. 

    1. All patients will have high deductibles (up to $6,250) a year.  This means almost all your patients will have to pay you cash.
    2. Insurance companies will drastically reduce the amount they’ll pay you for your services.
    3. Insurance companies will also reduce the services they will pay for.
    4. Insurance companies will also reduce the number of visits you’ll be able to treat a patient.

In other words, ObamaCare will be disastrous for most DCs.


And the answer is a “Specialty Practice” … a non-insurance reimbursement practice. 
A “Specialty Practice” that patients want and will pay for and
a “Specialty Practice”that is profitable.

Many specialty practices have failed because those DCs
lacked the expert knowledge to choose and profitably operate
the best specialty for them and their practices.  Learn from
the best and then boost your net income.

The Profitable Chiropractic Specialties seminars presented by DrFernandez.com will introduce you to these specialties AND introduce you to the best instructors in the profession who will teach you:

      • How to start incorporating these specialties in your practice
      • How to handle diagnostic coding and reimbursement
      • How to determine optimum patient visit frequency
      • How to determine fees for special services

     We already have DCs earning over $350,000 a month practicing a specialty.DrFernandez.com can
     provide you with the same advice.

     The future of our profession’s success is the “Specialty Practice.”  Come to our seminars to learn
     the specialties that best fit you and your practice.

Among the specialties we’ll introduce to you this year are…

Neuropathy Scoliosis Correction
Sports Injury Nutrition
Decompression Functional Medicine
MD/DC Practice Weight Loss
Mind Mapping Increasing Libido
Headache Personal Injury
Posture Correction And, many more!

Most chiropractors see an average of 7 new patients each week. Using the new guidelines you'll learn at this Orlando weekend seminar, you'll quickly earn more than the seminar and travel costs with just one new patient … if you use the Specialty Practice methods of coding and billing allowed by ObamaCare!

            Yes, it pays you to...





When:            June 6th and 7th, 2015

Where:           Rosen Plaza Hotel, 9700 International Dr., Orlando, FL, 32819
                       407-996-9700. www.RosenPlaza.com


Instructors:     Dr. Peter Fernandez, Mr. Chris Bernard, Dr. Dennis Fiorini, Dr. John Hayes, Ms Susan Williams, Dr Dan  Handford.

Registration Fees:

        Non-Client Doctor $395                          
        Previous Client (LTA) $295                                    
        CAs $150                                                                               
        (No Charge for DrFernandez.com clients.)   

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                                           Your one-time Audit-the-Program rate is just $99! 


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Learn How to Effectively Manage a More-Profitable Chiropractic Practice.

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